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Re: annotated bulk failures, pre-2011Q4 edition

David Holland <> writes:

> cross/i386-netbsdpe   should just be removed

Should have been removed long ago.

> devel/clisp-syscalls  unclear, needs lisp hacker

I'll look at it close to the week end.

> lang/polyml           unclear on whether it's doing i386 vs. amd64 (***)

Are you using amd64?

> lang/racket           (*) killed during build
> lang/sbcl             (*) killed during build

These just work, lift your time limit.

> math/octave-forge     doesn't work with current octave

I almost have (major) update to octave, I need confirmation if we want
it in this quarterly branch.

> math/openaxiom                lisp issues

This just works, lift your time limit.

> parallel/openmpi      extra stuff installed

I need more details.

> parallel/sge          SIGSEGV during build (***)


> shells/scsh           SIGSEGV during build (***)



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