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Re: empty directories after pkg_delete -r \*

On 11/29/11 8:46 PM, David Holland wrote:
On Wed, Nov 30, 2011 at 12:08:54AM +0100, Thomas Klausner wrote:
  >  share/htdig/common isn't mentioned explicitly as @pkgdir; some files
  >  are installed there by www/htdig, and some databases are created there
  >  which get deleted using @unexec ${RM}. Is the clean-empty-dirs step
  >  too late (or too dumb) to notice this?

I was just wondering the other day if those databases shouldn't be in

Depends. Are those databases only modified during package addition/removal? I.e. are they a direct mapping of other installed files? Or are these updated whenever the user performs other operations and therefore they might contain user data? If the former, they do not belong in var; if the later, they do.

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