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Re: boost, BOOST_HAS_VARIADIC_TMPL and std=c++0x

On 11/14/11 1:45 PM, Jeremy C. Reed wrote:
I didn't follow this entire thread, but I do have example of problem I
noticed when using pkgsrc boost headers versus just extracted headers
from tarball.

I don't think I ever received an answer there, but my fix was to not use
the configure. I think I had similar problems on other platforms too.

Yeah, exactly. I'm afraid that, while the autoconf solution sounds nice in principle, is more buggy and less tested than the Boost.Config counterpart. By using it, we are just begging for trouble.

AFAIK the major Linux distributions do not use the autoconf solution... and, well, most Boost developers either use Linux or Windows. So this probably explains why the autoconf solution goes through less testing :-/

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