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Re: boost, BOOST_HAS_VARIADIC_TMPL and std=c++0x


Thanks for you answer.

On Wednesday, at 10:22, Julio Merino wrote:
| Other libraries (not Boost) solve this problem by providing a pkg-config 
| file that stores the necessary flags that users of the library must use. 
|   Maybe Boost.Build already provides this functionality and you should 
| just be using it; I don't know.

Yeah, a pkg-config or similar would be cleaner. The sofware I try to compile is
not really mine and it already uses cmake for the build, so changing to is not really an option.

| The other alternative is to NOT run autoconf in our packages and rely on 
| Boost.Config.  This has caused problems in the past, and I'm afraid it 
| will open the door to many other problems though: for example, consider 
| boost-libs.  If you are linking against installed binary libraries that 
| were compiled with -std=c++0x and you don't use this flag in your 
| build... there may be problems.  (The same applies to any of the other 
| automatically detected features; -std=c++0x is just the example at hand.)

I definitely agree with you when you say that mixing different compilers is
probably wrong. Yet, the user.hpp file found on the linux box that I have
access to are not setup like this (i.e. they don't define BOOST_NO_CONFIG and
rely on runtime detection). So I don't know how it works for linux (and I will
never claim that Linux is a reference :), but it _seems_ to work (maybe that's
just an illusion :)

So I don't know. Maybe the boost-* packages could just define a c++0x option,
so that you install boost with enabled/disabled support for c++0x ?

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