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Re: How does one correctly interpret this PKG_DEVELOPER lang/tcl error?

2011/11/13 John Marino <>:
>>> Commit "2011-11-01 21:08:12 by Benny Siegert" changed both of these
>>> patches and my first guess is that the default for TCL_LIB_VERSIONS_OK
>>> got switched from "nodots" to "ok", breaking dfly.  Now to test that
>>> hypothesis...

Oops. I am sorry for that.

> Here are the revised patches.

Please commit them. They work fine on MirBSD, too. Thank you for the cleanup.

> Strangely, patch-ab cleaned itself up, all the "line:XXXX" differences that
> were off by one digit went away before I manually updated the resultant
> configure file.



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