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Re: make print-PLIST and lib/charset.alias


From: Julio Merino <>, Date: Tue, 25 Oct 2011 12:38:58 

> On 10/25/11 7:34 AM, Ryo ONODERA wrote:
>> Hi,
>> The result of "make print-PLIST" contains lib/charset.alias.
>> The following patch remove lib/charset.alias from print-PLIST.
>> Is this acceptable?
> Not like this.  If you submit this change, then the charset.alias file
> will be left unregistered: i.e. no package will own it, and thus it will
> never be cleaned up.

I think that there is no package that have lib/charset.alias in PLIST.
Only converters/libiconv have share/examples/libiconv/charset.alias
and copy to lib/ using REQD_FILES.

> Which package maintains the charset.alias file?  You need to depend on
> that package.  And if there is no single package maintaining such file,
> we need an alternative for the maintenance of this.

The charset.alias file should be maintained by converters/libiconv, I think.
But, as far as I understand correctly, when pkgsrc uses builtin libintl,
no package maintains the charset.alias file now.

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