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Re: Eclipse Public License - v 1.0 for clojure language

  pkgsrc has licenses/eclipse-license, but I feel licenses/eclipse-license
  is suitable for only devel/eclipse.

I don't understand what you mean by "suitable".  Either it's the same
text (with possible substitution of program name), or it isn't.

It seems like the contents of licenses/eclipse-license is not the same
as EPL-1.0. 

The content of eclipse-license does not seem to have been approved by
OSI or FSF, so it seems correct that it has a -license suffix and is not
in the default.

Is that really the license of any current eclipse or other code?
Perhaps if nothing references it eclipse-license can be garbage

  Can I add as licenses/epl-v1.0?

That seems reasonable.  It should get added to
DEFAULT_ACCEPTABLE_LICENSES, based on both FSF and OSI approval (but
only needs one).

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