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Re: ABI dependences for different version of BIND

net/bind*/{buildlink3,builtin}.mk should be gone away.
Formerly, it is for libbind (you can still find BUILDLINK_LDADD.bind?=  -lbind 
not intend to be used for libwres.
libbind is based on bind8 library, so its API/ABI is stable.
libbind is now provided by net/libbind.

Recent FreeBSD contains buitin libwres, so it is just used for FreeBSD.
There are no reason why NetBSD use same way as FreeBSD with additional packages.
tombupnp in mediatomb is forked version of pupnp, and it already support NetBSD
without additional packages.
So how about change to using following patch instead of depend on bind9?;a=commitdiff;h=5151d4520308f59c71764423c3853a35cf23e279#patch9

OBATA Akio /

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