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gcc linking missing -lc building .so (on NetBSD 4.0)

I'm trying to build mail/evolution-data-server in a NetBSD 4.0 evnironment
(which I need so I can attempt to build net/vinagre so I can verify that
PR 42252 is fixed).  evolution-data-server is required as a (probably
indirect) dependency for that.

The build of evolution-data-server is failing when it attempts to
link to build - the problem is that
none of the functions that one would expect to find in -lc are
persent, and I have no idea why.

The link uses gcc (via the wrapper, and I assume earlier, libtool,
but I didn't actually verify that) to handle the linking, and
as best I can tell it is still (as it always has been, I think)
true that -lc is automatically appended to a ld command generated
by gcc, unless an option to prevent it is given - I see no such
option here (aside from file names (.o's and -l's) and -L's
and the accompanying -Wl,rpath the only options I see are
-shared (obviously, generating a shared library), -Wl,soname
(and the accompanying name) -o (and its filename) and -pthread,
and -Wl,--no-undefined which is why the link fails when the
symbols that are supposed to come from -lc (which is not one
of the libraries listed, nor is anything gcc specific listed)
are not found.

None of those should be preventing -lc being included should it?

I have verified that adding -lc to the command line (that is,
running the same command as pkgsrc/make runs, according to the
work.log file) succeeds.

Also (no great surprise), remnoving -Wl,--no-undefined also
causes the link to "succeed" (though whether that would be functional
I have no idea).

I assume someone "just knows" what the problem is here, and how to fix
it most likely - if you do, and can fix mail/evolution-data-server
I'd appreciate it.   If there's anything I can do to test a
possible fix, let me know.

If a PR is needed for this, also let me know.


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