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Re: Dealing with tcl-scotty

On Wed, Aug 31, 2011 at 03:46:10PM +0200, Havard Eidnes wrote:
> 2) DESTDIR support needs to be added.  What's the general method
>    used here?  Dredge through all the files and add
>    ${DESTDIR}/ in front of every installation target directory,
>    or is there more to it?

Essentially. Things to check for:

(1) Registration in some catalogs. Consider info files and the info/dir
file as an example. If present, those need to move to INSTALL. Wasn't a
problem in the old world, but buggy none the less.

(2) Execution of programs just installed, which depend on shared
libraries from PREFIX just installed. Problematic, work arounds depend
on the specific case. E.g. for libtool users, you can use the
uninstalled version of the program in many cases.

(3) Often, it is possible to patch the base variables used for the
install path. Either directly or by using INSTALL_MAKE_FLAGS. This can
reduce the amount of patches a lot.


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