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Dealing with tcl-scotty


I have reasons to deal with the tcl-scotty package, to bring it
in line from falling out of pkgsrc...

"make lint" reveals several problems:

1) It has no LICENSE= setting.  Easy to fix.  license.terms
   appears to be similar to a 2-clause-bsd -- correct?

2) DESTDIR support needs to be added.  What's the general method
   used here?  Dredge through all the files and add
   ${DESTDIR}/ in front of every installation target directory,
   or is there more to it?

There are other problems with the package as well, but I think
I've found solutions for them.  And I've fixed the "dns"
functionality so that it no longer uses _res, since that aborts
because scotty is pthread-linked.


- Håvard

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