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Re: USE_CMAKE in meta-pkgs/kde4/

  # This Makefile fragment is included by packages that use the KDE4
  # configure-and-build process.

  Since the "KDE4 configure-and-build process" is exactly cmake, it
  seems that anyone including this file to accomplish anything related
  to what this comment suggests would in addition have to define
  USE_CMAKE=yes.  Having to do both seems totally redundant.

Given all that, it seems totally reasonable for you to go ahead.

I have never really understood how tied kde is to cmake; I've avoided
anything to do with qt.  So I was really just trying to raise the
question of differentiating between "5/5 existing cases use cmake" and
"it would be beyond bizarre for anything to want to use this file and
not use cmake".   You've convinced me that it's the latter.

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