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Re: Bulk builds as a helper for pkgsrc developers

>               This means  that  the  package  PKGNAME  from  PKGPATH  requires
>               SO_LIBRARY  but  there is no package that PROVIDES it.  Sample 
> of
>               usage:

Does this mean that the packaging of the dependency didn't properly 
register its PROVIDES or that the dependency was not defined (even 
though it was used)?

Also what do you need for your goals? Do you need a bulk build machine? 
Access to a virtual machine?

If you are already doing these yourself, I don't think anyone will mind 
a weekly email indicating problems (as long as it is not too long).

We could also discuss if problems should be emailed immediately to 
committer (and maybe maintainer/owner) at failure time. We could also 
have a new list for the failure emails. (I do this at work; we build on 
push of new code and also periodically during the day on many platforms. 
We send a brief email to a list when various tests and checks fail.)

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