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Updating gnome-devtools to 2.32


I'm updating some package:

* devel/valide is broken after lang/vala update
* updating valide to 0.7.1
  * need to update devel/gdl to >=2.28
  * then meta-pkgs/gnome-devtools should be updated to 2.32
    * update gdl to 2.30.1 (done)
    * updating devel/anjuta to
      * devel/gnome-build had been merged into updated anjuta
    * anjua-2.32 require updating databases/libgda to 4.x
      * updating libgda to 4.2
        * libgda-4.2 UI extension will replace databases/libgnomedb
        * and graphical tools will replace databases/mergeant

Am I overlooking something? any other stoppers?

OBATA Akio /

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