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Re: OpenIndiana/SunOS binary pkgsrc repository

Marion Hakanson <> writes:

> said:
>> I suspect that your pkgsrc bulk-build machine has this (in /usr/
>> gnu/lib/) left over from an earlier OpenSolaris install.  The file is
>> certainly not present in a fresh OI148 install, and it is also not present in
>> any of the bulk build prerequisites listed in the project wiki referenced
>> above (I searched the contents of all of them).
>> I think that at least nmh may need to be rebuilt on a machine which does not
>> have that obsolete SUNWgnu-libiconv package on it.  The "configure" phase
>> should find the proper iconv routines in the other libraries that are
>> present.  I will let you know if I find other pkgsrc binaries that depend on
>> this old package. 
> Or, maybe we will find, as I did, that adding the old package still did
> not help nmh find;  It's not in the library runpath.  Maybe
> a more likely story is that nmh depends on from pkgsrc itself,
> but that dependency just did not get recorded somehow.  The workaround for
> me was to manually "pkgin install libiconv" from the IPP pkgsrc repository.

Perhaps, but on NetBSD nmh doesn't seem to link libiconv at all.

  pkg_info -L nmh|tail +4 | egrep . | xargs ldd

shows only libc and libtermcap.  It seems iconv is part of libc on

It looks like iconv is required to be part of libc:

so maybe it is in libc and there was an obsolete library on the build

In general, bulk build machines should be really vanilla.

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