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Re: complex perl packages and dependencies

On Thu, 10 Mar 2011 23:56:27 +0900, Brook Milligan 
<> wrote:


Benny Siegert writes:
 > For things that are packaged via CPAN, I wrote a script I called
 > "cpan2port" for a different ports tree (MirPorts), which tracks down
 > dependencies and creates a package for each one semi-automatically,
 > calling itself recursively if needed. I made a presentation about it
 > on FOSDEM (see I could adapt it for
 > pkgsrc if you are interested.

I think that would be really great.  If you don't have commit access,
I'm glad to work with you to test it and import it into pkgsrc
(perhaps renamed as pkgtools/cpan2pkg?).

Or merge it into pkgtools/url2pkg?
url2pkg also create template pkgsrc files from URL for distribution file.
DEPENDS entries will be added automatically, but not complete because of
no information about modules in base perl.

OBATA Akio /

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