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Re: complex perl packages and dependencies

On Thu, Mar 10, 2011 at 05:47, Brook Milligan 
<> wrote:
> I have some Perl packages that need making, but they have long lists
> of CPAN dependencies.  Are there any tools for aiding the process of
> tracking them down and making the necessary packages?  It seems that
> many of the Perl packages are pretty much boilerplate, but tracking
> everything down is incredibly tedious.  For me, that has been a
> significant stumbling block preventing progress for this set of
> packages.
> What is the best way to proceed?

For things that are packaged via CPAN, I wrote a script I called
"cpan2port" for a different ports tree (MirPorts), which tracks down
dependencies and creates a package for each one semi-automatically,
calling itself recursively if needed. I made a presentation about it
on FOSDEM (see I could adapt it for
pkgsrc if you are interested.


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