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Re: Chaging uid/gid at binary install

On Jul 12,  2:38pm, David Holland wrote:
}  > } IIUC, those uids/gids must be referred to by symbol (user/group
}  > } name), instead of by numeric values.
}  > } 
}  > } I'm not sure what else have to be assured, thus asking here.
}  > 
}  >      You could possibly do it by number, but that would be foolhardy
}  > since that would mean that you're dependent on the existing unknown
}  > configuration of the system.  Using symbols means it doesn't matter
}  > what the numeric value is on any given system.  And, if the symbols
}  > don't exist then the INSTALL script can call {user,group}add (or
}  > whatever is appropriate for the target OS) to create them.
} My understanding from several PRs is that binary packages end up with
} numeric uids and gids wired into them, not names. Assuming this is
} actually true, it's a bug.

     Hrmm, that's probably some app doing setuid([compile time
constant]).  That's a bit of a pain and would require the person making
the package to generate a patch to make it call getpwnam().

}-- End of excerpt from David Holland

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