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Re: Bringing wip/gloox, wip/poco* and wip/spetrum into pkgsrc

Thomas Klausner writes:
- > - poco doesn't build for me on 5.99.44/amd64, with:
- > - gmake: *** [NetSSL_OpenSSL-tests] Error 2
- > - ld: warning:, needed by
- > - /scratch/wip/poco/work/poco-1.4.0-all/lib/NetBSD/amd64/,
- > - not found (try using -rpath or -rpath-link)
- > 
- > Any idea why libexpat was not found on this system?
- > "textproc/expat/" is explicitly called out in
- > poco/Makefile.
- I guess since my expat is from xsrc and in /usr/X11R7 and the -L or
- -Wl,-R flags aren't catching that, but I haven't checked.

Are the files going to need attention
to cope with expat from /usr/X11R7?  Is someone working on this

Eric Schnoebelen      
  "Mike Hardware was the kind of private eye  who didn't know the meaning
   of the word "fear," a man who  could laugh in the face of danger and 
   spit in the eye of  death - in short, a moron with suicidal tendencies."

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