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Re: New kerberos packages & infrastructure changes

On Sun, 9 Jan 2011, Jean-Yves Migeon wrote:
> On 09.01.2011 02:17, Tim Zingelman wrote:
> > I've finally got 2 new packages I think are ready (MIT separated the
> > core from the apps into 2 distributions.)
> > 
> > As of right now, the two packages are set to be:
> > 
> > security/krb5           - krb5-1.8.3nb2
> > security/krb5-apps  - krb5-apps-1.0.1
> > 

> I'd keep the mit prefix, just to avoid confusion between "krb5" and
> "heimdal". I agree, while the split will align the package with
> upstream, I still prefer to have MIT appearing somewhere in the pkg
> name. "krb5" is too generic, especially as NetBSD uses Heimdal.

I agree!

> IMHO, indicate the split in MESSAGE, or mark -apps as an optional
> dependency, and enable it by default?

As an alternative create mit-krb5-server (or whatever) and mit-krb5-apps
and make mit-krb5 a meta-package that depends on both of them.

As for everything is I agree with Jean-Yves.


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