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New kerberos packages & infrastructure changes

The existing security/mit-krb5 package is quite an old version (though
it has been kept patched.)

I've finally got 2 new packages I think are ready (MIT separated the
core from the apps into 2 distributions.)

As of right now, the two packages are set to be:

security/krb5           - krb5-1.8.3nb2
security/krb5-apps  - krb5-apps-1.0.1

the alternative I guess would be to keep the mit- prefix on both of them.

The good things about the name change include aligning the package
name with the upstream distribution and also avoiding the case where
someone updates from mit-krb5-1.4.2nb11 to the 1.8.3nb2 version and
does not realize they also need the -apps package to maintain the
kerberized inetd services, possibly resulting in lost connectivity to
a remote system.  Also it allows the older well used package to remain
as an option for some period of time.  (not installed together however
as they conflict of course)

The bad things about the name change are that it causes a little
confusion between mk/ and
security/krb5/  (I fix this by adding an underscore
prefix to the KRB5_BUILDLINK3_MK variable in the internal
mk/ file making it _KRB5_BUILDLINK3_MK in addition
to adding the new possible value of krb5 for KRB5_* variables) and
perhaps someone fond of heimdal might object to the krb5 generic being
used by the mit version of the code.

The kerberos infrastructure is a bit convoluted however, with
mk/ expecting users to set KRB5_DEFAULT to either
mit-krb5 or heimdal and allowing packages to set KRB5_ACCEPTED (only
one, print/LPRng-core does so.)  But also mk/ accepting
PKG_USE_KERBEROS=yes, but not as a result including
mk/ (6 packages specify this some expecting kerberos
v4 and others v5 or both.)  Then mk/defaults/mk.conf describes
defining the variable KERBEROS in mk.conf to specify use of kerberos,
but states that said kerberos must be in /usr/lib and I see that while
some packages look for this variable, none set it... and now I see it
is marked as deprecated by mk/defaults/  There is is
suggested that kerberos be enabled in a package using the options
kerberos4 and/or kerberos... but a few packages use krb5 (or gssapi)
instead, both of which are missing from
mk/defaults/options.description.  Finally the platform default value
for Darwin is set in mk/, but I think that should be
done in mk/platform/ instead (as it is for HPUX.)

The few of you who are still reading must care at least a little about
kerberos in pkgsrc :)  So any strong opinions?

I propose adding the new krb5 packages without the mit- prefix, fixing
mk/ as described, and moving the Darwin default to
the right place.
The text in mk/defaults/mk.conf describing the KERBEROS variable
should indicate it is deprecated and what the replacement is.

Beyond that these are these items I'm less sure about...
It seems like PKG_USE_KERBEROS=yes should implicitly include
mk/ OR be marked as deprecated?
I think the packages using the krb5 option should change to use
kerberos instead, but the gssapi option should probably be documented?

Of course nothing will be changed until after the current code freeze ends.


 - Tim

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