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On Wed, 19 Jan 2011, Mark Davies wrote:

> I'm confused how MACHINE_GNU_PLATFORM is supposed to work with linux.
> On an ArchLinux box $MACHINE_GNU_PLATFORM returns i386-pc-linux but 
> mk/gnu-config/config.{guess,sub} gives i386-pc-linux-gnu resulting in 
> PLIST mismatches.  Looking at them I can't see how this linux/linux-
> gnu difference wouldnt happen on other linux systems so what am I 
> missing?

It dose happen on other linux systems and is not a linux specific problem.

Because --host=${MACHINE_GNU_PLATFORM:Q} is past to configure, it sets
$host_alias to MACHINE_GNU_PLATFORM and then sets $host to the 
"the canonicalization of `host_alias' by `config.sub'"

Eg: give 'i386-netbsd' get 'i386-pc-netbsd'
    give 'i386-linux' get 'i386-pc-linux-gnu'

It up to the package weather it uses $host or $host_alias.

1) change MACHINE_GNU_PLATFORM to i386-pc-linux-gnu
2) patch config.sub to output i386-pc-linux
3) modify MACHINE_GNU_PLATFORM in those package which use $host only.

P.S. what package are you trying to build?


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