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Re: Building spamprobe on on Debian squeezy/sid w/ gcc 4.4.5 [patches]

  Does anyone see a problem with committing those?
  (Also: IIRC there's a freeze on right now... commit or wait until later?)

It seems possible that some of these changes belong in a .c file rather
than the .h, but perhaps not.  I see that util.h already has a lot of
includes so I don't mean that one.

The "HF: why" comments do not belong in the code.  The patch files
should have preambles that explain reason for the change.  e.g. atoi()
is documented to require stdlib.h, so code that uses it without
including stdlib is wrong.  Ideally you'd file an upstream bug and put
the upstream bugtracker ref in the patch preamble too.  This is an
emerging convention not yet really followed.

The general rule in freeze is "no infrastructure changes, no new
packages, no updates to non-leaf packages" plus a general sense of
conservatism.  But fixing minor bugs is ok except for the last few days
when we are more cautious.

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