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Re: Moving mk.conf

David Holland <> writes:

> (3)
>  - Put in the root of the pkgsrc tree, or in
> pkgsrc/conf or some such place. Then it can always be found without
> needing any path configuration whatsoever. For bootstrapped installs
> it can safely contain the complete path configuration.
> The downside is that it doesn't allow avoiding baking paths into
> bootstrap-mk files. Also, it complicates the lives of people who use
> one pkgsrc tree with multiple separate $(PREFIX)es.

It complicates lives of all people using mk.conf, not only of those who
use multiple separate prefixes. Configuration is mostly tied to prefix
rather than to source tree, because most of those options change
dependency chains.

E.g. you cannot work with two trees sharing same localbase and use
different PGSQL_DEFAULT_VERSION values at the same time, because it
pulls conflicting versions of Postgres libraries. Same applies to X11
libraries, MPI libraries, and so on. There're only few parameters that
you can vary between source trees independently of packages installed
under shared prefix.


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