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Re: Moving mk.conf

Alistair Crooks <> writes:

> What I've always done for multiple pkgsrc trees is:
> in /etc/mk.conf
> .ifdef BSD_PKG_MK
> .  if exists(${.CURDIR}/../../pkgsrc.conf)
> .    include "${.CURDIR}/../../pkgsrc.conf"
> .  elif exists(${.CURDIR}/../pkgsrc.conf)
> .    include "${.CURDIR}/../pkgsrc.conf"
> .  elif exists(${.CURDIR}/pkgsrc.conf)
> .    include "${.CURDIR}/pkgsrc.conf"
> .  endif
> .endif
> To explain further, there's a file called pkgsrc.conf file in the
> top-level pkgsrc instance which includes definitions specific to that
> tree, like PKG_DBDIR, LOCALBASE, etc.  It's automatically called from
> a central /etc/mk.conf.
> I'm sorry if this is "the wrong way to do it", since no-one told me.

You're free to do anything you like, but I don't see how it helps others.

This ties pkgsrcdir to localbase, and I don't find it helpful at all.
Such configuration is helpful to change options and similar parameters,
but not localbase. And packages with different options set can't coexist
under the same localbase usually.


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