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Re: No dynamic libraries on Mac OS X

> After several days of pkgsrc building, I noticed that all of the libraries 
> were only installed as static versions and there is no single .dylib under 
> /usr/pkg/lib.
> I first thought that was a clang problem, but setting PKGSRC_COMPILER to gcc 
> exhibits the same behaviour.
> For instance, devel/readline says
> checking configuration for building shared libraries... supported
> but only installs lib{history|readline}.{a|la}.
> Is this known issue? I'm on 2010Q1, 10.5.0 and Xcode 3.2.5

I've been there before. Your lang/f2c does not work. In mk.conf, define:

F2C_F77_CPP=    /Developer/usr/bin/cpp-4.2

re-build lang/f2c, devel/libtool-base and all other packages (sorry).
You can check if libtool-base detects F77 compiler in configure phase.


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