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Re: Moving mk.conf (Was: Making it easier to get and use pkgsrc)

On 12.12.2010 22:45, David Brownlee wrote:
> So, updated proposal:
> - Create a pkgsrc.conf which is included by pkgsrc similar to mk.conf.
>   The intention is that it will be included as well as any system etc/mk.conf,
>   but will only contain pkgsrc related make directives, not anything which
>   would affect standard bmake (or 'make' in NetBSD) calls. I prefer
> 'pkgsrc.conf'
>   or '' to '' but I'm happy to go with consensus.

Same goes for me. I am not too concerned by the name, so long it fits
the (silent) majority.

> - This file to checked for inside PKGSRCDIR, and can be overridden by an
>   environment variable. I would prefer an etc or conf directory inside
>   PKGSRCDIR rather than continuing to populate the top level directory with
>   config files a'la pkgchk.conf etc, but that is probably more because I would
>   want to keep my copy under a separate RCS, and thats an awful lot easier
>   in a subdir (and I can use a symlink anyway).

I would prefer PKGSRCDIR/conf rather than PKGSRCDIR/etc, which can be
confused with PREFIX/etc. Besides, this directory is meant to contain
configuration, and not scripts or binaries, like etc/ does.

Jean-Yves Migeon

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