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Re: graphics/jpeg Vs graphics/libjpeg-turbo

    Date:        Mon, 13 Dec 2010 01:22:46 +1300
    Message-ID:  <>

  | graphics/libjpeg-turbo is a drop-in replacement for graphics/jpeg,
  | Anyone care to suggest which is the right way?

Is there a reason this couldn't be handled (on NetBSD at least, and
I'd suspect, similarly on most other platforms) using the same technique
that is used to support libm387 as a drop in replacement/enhancement
for libm using ?

That is, install the fast version under a different name, then when it
is appropriate (on platforms where there's actually an advantage, which
sounds like i386 and amd64 only) have the linker do run time replacement
of -ljpeg by -ljpeg-turbo

I know this doesn't help static linking, but that's very rare in pkgsrc
isn't it?


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