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distfile for textproc/libxml2

Could someone pleae copy the distfile for textproc/libxml2
(libxml2-2.7.8.tar.gz) to f.n.o so it can be fetched?

For me at least, using either http or ftp to fetch from the
master site hangs about 1/2 way though (every time, though
not at any particular spot).

I assume the automated copy to f.n.o is suffering the same
kind of stupidity, and that's why the distfile isn't mirrored
there already.

But someone (most likely several someone's) must have a good copy
of it already.   If you do (and you're one with access) could
you please copy it to f.n.o so the normal distfile fetching
mechanisms of pkgsrc can fetch it (which means defeating the hung
transfers first, but that's just a kill - or is there some nice
way (to go in mk.conf) that I'm unaware of to turn on ftp's -q
option so ftp will suicide when it has been hung for a while - that
is a nice way that doesn't cause breakage when the fetch gets
implemented using a different command than ftp?)



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