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Re: archivers/xz

On Wed, 10 Nov 2010, Lloyd Parkes wrote:
> You always need to set "USE_XZ=yes" because xz really is a
> dependency and pkgsrc will build or not build archivers/xz as is
> generally appropriate. e.g. for OSes that don't have xz built in.

but thats what not having it set would do.  I thought USE_XZ=yes stops 
it trying to use the builtin at all (like USE_NCURSES insists on the 
ncurses package rather than the in tree curses librabry)

> My understanding is that "PREFER.xz=pkgsrc" is specifically for
> cases like this where we know that the built in version is not what
> we want. Maybe just add a conditional around "PREFER.xz=pkgsrc" so
> that it is only set for NetBSD.

My understanding was that "PREFER.xz=pkgsrc" was something for the 
user to set to control whether to use the package or the builtin 
rather than something another package sets.

As it happens Joerg has now fixed the in tree xz so I can just let the do its thing and not try to override it.


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