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f. 'You h

; half, _hauf_; neighbour vocatur _nebour_;

neigh abbreviated _ne_: this is abominable, which we would call
_abhominable_.' Such a passage is curious, coming from one of whom it
was asked: 'Monsieur, are you not lettered?' and answered: 'Yes, yes;
he teaches boys the Horn-book.' FOOTNOTES: [1] _Kynge Johan_, a Play
in Two Parts. By John
Bale. Edited for the Camden Society by J. Payne Collier, Esq., F. S.
A., from the Manuscript of the Author in the Library of the Duke of
Devonshire. 1838. A FEW WORDS ABOUT ROOMS
AND THEIR ORNAMENTS. The sun shines brightly
to-day, and his beams glance lovingly from the flowers without
to those within the room, and rest upon the 'Eve' that stands among
them; the

light is

toned into softness by this green drapery, and reminds

us of the leaves and tracery which peep in at the windows. We find,
in the effect of the whole, such a delicate reflex
of the nature outside, that we live with a half-conscious perception
that but a tent-like division exists between us and the birds and
blossoms in the garden. We love this room as we do few others, not
for the evidences of wealth
in it, though these exist, but because the idea

its arrangement is predominant through all its details. Affection and
love of bea

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