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Re: libmemcached and include paths


On Fri, 17 Sep 2010 16:44:58 +0900, Filip Hajny <> 

Hi guys,

I'm attempting to bump wip/php-memcached (and subsequently wip/libmemcached 
too) to more recent versions, and hit a problem with include paths as defined 
by libmemcached/ The problem is that php_memcached.c triggers 
(through PHP's php_config.h) the inclusion of the system string.h header file, 
however that conflicts with ${PREFIX}/include/libmemcached/string.h.

Obviously I could just change the libmemcached/ file to not add 
the ${PREFIX}/include/libmemcached include path to the chain, but that may 
break something elsewhere. I was wondering, is there a common way out of this, 
or is it just an unfortunate file naming on the part of libmemcached?

I feel that header files are renamed.
i.e. include/libmemcached/memcached_string.h => include/libmemcached/string.h

So you can drop BUILDLINK_INCDIRS.libmemcached from
If it break something, it should be fixed to catch up the change.
Probably, following:
< #include "memcached_string.h"
#include "libmemcached/string.h"

OBATA Akio /

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