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Re: bmake hangs on unit tests in AIX

2010/9/7 Louis Guillaume <>:
> On 9/2/10 4:08 PM, Joerg Sonnenberger wrote:
>> On Thu, Sep 02, 2010 at 02:04:03PM -0400, Louis Guillaume wrote:
>>> I recently attempted to update a year-old AIX 5.3 system with
>>> pkgsrc. Below are the details on what I'm running into with bmake.
>>> Any help on this would be great. Thanks,
>> System call trace to me and (off list), please.
>> This is pkgsrc-current?
>> Joerg
> This is resolved by using the bmake in pkgsrc-current as shown below.
> Originally I was using the version in pkgsrc-2010Q2.
> Can this version of bmake be pulled up into pkgsrc-2010Q2?

Looks like the fixes sjg@ made for Solaris (SVR4 related?).

> Thanks for your help!

For me it still hangs on AIX 5.2/gcc-4.2/powerpc32 - I kicked out
the hanging test. Joerg, you've got off-list a bigger list with issues
on AIX and HP-UX, there is the one included.


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