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Re: make replace

On Tue, Jul 06, 2010 at 06:20:48PM +0200, Joerg Sonnenberger wrote:
> > The other magic is to register what version of which shared libraries was 
> > used
> > to build a given package (happens during pkg creation), we just have a 
> > helper
> > script that walks the DESTDIR-installation through objdump to automate the
> > discovery of library "stems" (e.g., just the name), and then pkg_create
> > matches that against installed libraries.
> This is something I specifically do not want to do as there are a number
> of important cases where it fails, especially when you have to support
> different executable formats (ELF, xcoff, Mach-O to name the popular
> ones).

Yeah, that's a big concern we don't share, since we decided a long time ago
to stick with the old, good, .so naming of a.out.

Of course, we do pay for it, since a lot of shit these days uses symlinks and
ELF naming and renames libraries all the time so we end up with absurd names 

it would be cool to fix it, but too much work, and definitely stuff that
upstream won't understand at all, since it's all linuxy these days...

Anyways, thanks to linux AND xorg (you know the guys who explicitly DO NOT do
any release engineering of whatever flavor of the day X* is), we're heading 
straight to the dll hell of windows we used to make so much fun of ten years
ago... ;(

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