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Re: Patch name changes

On Thu, 10 Jun 2010, Thomas Klausner wrote:
I would like to suggest that we change the names used for patches in
Currently, their names are patch-[a-z][a-z] where the names are more
or less chosen randomly; when upgrading, usually care is taken to use
the same patch name to modify the same file as before (mkpatches(1)
from pkgtools/pkgdiff does that automatically).

I suggest we starting from now on, we use the name
patch-path_relative_to_wrksrc_filename instead, i.e. run the path of
the name of the file to patch through
        sed -e "s,_,__,g"  -e "s,/,_,g"
and prefix "patch-".

I strongly agree. I proposed similar a while back, but without such a strict heuristic (using leafnames only unless there was a clash - to reduce patch name length). I don't think I got any response...

Obviously, pkglint will need modifying to stop whining about filename format.


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