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Re : pkgin again...

Hi all,

pkgin can quite easyly be ported to another database to remove the
dependency on sqlite3,

I have ported pkgin to freebsd to work with freebsd's pkg, and while
doing that I also created a test branch to remove the sqlite

I first tried db 1.85 from libc but performances were not there, then
I tried using cdb (tinycdb in fact).

Why tinycdb : it is public domain, it is fast, it can be embedded in
the pkgin's code (two small files) or imported into (net|free)BSD's

why a constant database : pkgin already uses sqlite has a constant
database for most of the tables : dropping everything et re-populate
for each update, so it won't change anything.

results :
On freebsd pkgin with sqlite was really slow, the performance
improvements using cdb is between 150% and 300% depending on the use
On netbsd the performance improvements I notice is varying from 10% to
150% depending on the use case, only few use case are slower.

An other interesting thing is that the code seems simpler (at least to me :))

this is just a PoC and it can be greatly improves the way I use cdb is
not optimal.

you can find the code in my git (which is quite outdated) (be careful it can
kill your kitten)

if you are interesting with that I can create a with cdb as a
backend instead of sqlite so that you can benchmark it yourself.

FYI you already have code using cdb (embedded) in you base as postfix uses it.


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