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Testers wanted for lang/perl5 update to version 5.12.1


I would like to update the pkgsrc/lang/perl5 package to the
5.12.1 version of Perl.

I have tested an updated package on NetBSD/i386 5.0.2.

On this platform and with this updated package installed I
tested (make test, make install)  devel/p5-Moose,
www/p5-Plack and all their "p5-packages" dependencies.

I plan to test NetBSD/i386 current and NetBSD/sparc64 5.*.

I would like to hear about tests on other platforms.

People interested could grab an archive of my update at

It contains the perl5  pkgsrc directory, perl5/, so move away your
existing pkgsrc/lang/perl5 directory and extract the archive into the
pkgsrc/lang directory. Then try to 'make test' it and even perhaps
'make install' it.

Please note that all p5-packages build against perl 5.10.* package(s)
are not compatible with this updated perl5 package and need to be

Best regards, Stoned.

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