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Re: pbulk does not create packages

Joerg Sonnenberger writes:
 > On Fri, May 14, 2010 at 10:45:24PM -0600, Brook Milligan wrote:
 > >      packages=/packages
 > This has to match PACKAGES in mk.conf.

I think it does.  Here is the bit of mk.conf.

     PACKAGES=                       /packages

I now have tried installing my copy of mk.conf into /etc prior to
bootstrapping pkg_bulk.  That did leave packages like digest in
/packages.  (Am I correct to assume that mk.conf must be installed in
two different places, first in /etc prior to bootstrapping and then in
/usr/pkg_bulk/etc after bootstrapping?)

Now the problems are a bit different.  In the bulklog for packages,
pre-clean.log seems fine, depends.log is empty and checksum.log seems
fine.  configure.log is created by the command

     su pbulk -c "$@" make /usr/bin/make configure BATCH=1 
DEPENDS_TARGET=/nonexistent WRKLOG=/bulklog/libtool-base-2.2.6bnb4/work.log

and contains the following (for the libtool-base package):

     => Bootstrap dependency digest>=20010302: found digest-20080510
     => Checksum SHA1 OK for libtool-2.2.6b.tar.gz
     => Checksum RMD160 OK for libtool-2.2.6b.tar.gz
     ===> Installing dependencies for libtool-base-2.2.6bnb4
     => Build dependency f2c>=20090411nb2: NOT found
     => Verifying /nonexistent for ../../lang/f2c
     make: don't know how to make /nonexistent. Stop

This is all coming from the execution of run_make() within this
version of pkg-build:

     $NetBSD: pkg-build,v 1.20 2010/02/24 22:51:37 joerg Exp $

Why is DEPENDS_TARGET=/nonexistent there?  How are dependencies
supposed to be installed when building a package within the pbulk


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