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Re: updating COMPAT_LINUX for linux 2.6.x support.

On Mon, May 03, 2010 at 07:45:11PM +0000, Dennis den Brok wrote:
> Chuck Silvers <> schrieb:
> > (1) what linux distribution do we want in the pkgsrc packages?  the
> > tradition has been SUSE, so I assume we'll want to use SUSE 11.x?
> > (tonio@ has volunteered to do the pkgsrc work if no one else wants
> > to, once there's agreement on what to do.)
> What about Red Hat Enterprise derivates like CentOS or Scientific
> Linux? They have an enormous support cycle. That way, if Linux
> emulation is ever as behind again as it is now, we'll have at least
> security updates for the emulation packages.

Ideally, we want one distribution which supports all of the different
architectures our COMPAT_LINUX supports.  That's why SuSE was chosen
in the past.

-- Lubomir Sedlacik <salo@{NetBSD,Xtrmntr,silcnet}.org>   --

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