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Re: x11/qt4-libs and pkg_rolling-replace

On Tue March 2 2010 08:45:54 you wrote:
> On Sat February 27 2010 16:54:21 David Holland wrote:
> > On Sat, Feb 27, 2010 at 10:50:20AM -0700, Sverre Froyen wrote:
> >  > For I while now I've noticed that whenever I use
> >  > pkg_rolling-replace, I have to manually reinstall a number of Qt
> >  > packages.  It appears that "make replace" in x11/qt4-libs is (one
> >  > of?) the culprit.  After the "make replace" step, the following
> >  > files are missing from /usr/pkg/qt4.  The missing files belong to
> >  > qt4-tools and others.
> >
> > Also, check if qt4-libs's own install rules are doing something
> > antisocial like rm -rf $(PREFIX)/include/Qt. Some packages seem to
> > think that doing stuff like that is a good idea...
> It does not appear to do so.
> After more testing I find that the "make replace" step deletes the files
>  only some of the time.  More careful investigation shows that "make
>  replace" has to be repeated before the corruption occurs.

Further tests show that /var/db/pkg/qt4-tools-4.6.2/+CONTENTS picks up all 
files in /usr/pkg/qt4/include when the "make replace" is run.

These lines from the qt4-libs/Makefile appear to cause the problem

cd ${DESTDIR}${PREFIX} && find qt4/include -type f -print > ${WRKDIR}/PL

As I am not using USE_DESTDIR I get the full content of /usr/pkg/qt4/include.  
I'm guessing that the problem is hidden if you set USE_DESTDIR=yes.

Anyway, commenting out the lines from the Makefile and adding the correct list 
of include files to PLIST resolve the issue.


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