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Re: Heads Up: make install

On Thu, Feb 25, 2010 at 09:30:22PM +0900, OBATA Akio wrote:
> For me, to create/update packages, try to install, fix PLIST,
> and try to reinstall, fixes permissions, and try to reinstall, and so on.
> And also poor man, no highspeed machine, so I don't want to rebuild time 
> after time.

As long as you got an error for the PLIST (e.g. due to CHECK_FILES) etc,
the install cookie is not created and you can just run "make install"
again. "make reinstall" matters only if no error occured.

That brings me back to my original question. Let me try to make this is
clear. If you run "make reinstall" with USE_DESTDIR=yes, the follow is

        remove cookies for install and package phase
        stage-install -> if an error happens, bail out
        package -> if an error happens, bail out

You should not get errors in "make package" if you are also running with
PKG_DEVELOPER. PKG_DEVELOPER enables CHECK_FILES and that should ensure
that the PLIST is complete.

If you want to check the permissions of files, do you check them in
/usr/pkg or in the staging area? If you check them in /usr/pkg, the
above process is equivalent to using "make install" without USE_DESTDIR.


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