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Re: pkgsrcCon 2010 in Basel 20100528 - 20100530

Hi Joerg,

Joerg Sonnenberger wrote:
> I'll give that ball partially back to those that want to attend.
> What do *you* want to hear about?

I would like to hear about the chances and interests of implementing user-
installable (and maintainable) packages. Under /home/username, without the 
need for root. Something similar or better than the "Zero Install" system. As 
an option not as the default ;-)

About something like (or better than) the GoboLinux' alternative filesystem 
hierarchy for inside /usr/pkg  (which is designed to make most package 
management tools superfluous). A comparison of this (or other concepts) with 
pkgviews  would also be very interesting.

Maintainability and usability improvements in pkgsrc and package management 
since 2008.

best, Mark

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