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Re: CVS commit: src

On Tue, Feb 02, 2010 at 03:30:55AM +0000, YAMAMOTO Takashi wrote:
 > > > "some MD implementations might have this for their internal use"?
 > > > it sounds useless and confusing to me.
 > > 
 > > It has two legitimate audiences: (1) people bringing up new ports, who
 > > may not already know the ins and outs of making MD spl handling go,
 > > and who would be better off reading and understanding documentation
 > > than blindly cutting and pasting existing logic; and also (2) anyone
 > > looking to unify common MD code and make it MI.
 > i don't think it's what this man page is for.
 > having such documentation somewhere might be helpful, sure.  i even
 > suggested to put it as comments along the code.  however please don't
 > put them in this man page.

I think the solution that's been committed is an acceptable way of
dealing with this.

 > > > > Of course, we could get rid of them and move to MI spl functions :-)
 > > > > (see tech-kern, ad@ just found the thread and thereby
 > > > > reminded me of it)
 > > > 
 > > > we are discussing if we want to describe MD internal details in the
 > > > man page of MI spl interfaces.
 > i don't understand what you meant by "MI spl functions".
 > what this man page describes is what can be used by MI code.
 > (except splraise and spllower, of course)

Their existence is MI... anyway:

 > > However, if you have an opinion on that thread it'd be good to hear
 > > it... there, of course :-)
 > i'm not sure which thread are you talking about.

David A. Holland

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