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Re: Proper selection of compression algorithm

On Tue, 2 Feb 2010, Joerg Sonnenberger wrote:
I'm not sure if the discussion about this was public or just at some
pkgsrcCon or so. The only mechanism currently in place to choose the
compression algorithm for binary packages is  by changing PKG_SUFX.
That is clumsy and doesn't really scale. E.g. some FTP server don't
allow full glob patterns and there is support for XZ on the horizon too.

I would like to stop messing with the package name as the tools no longer
have to care. I don't mind changing the default to .pkg or whatever at
some point after phasing in the needed pkg_install changes, but that's a
side issue. The attached patch basically just allows switching between
gzip/bzip2/none without changing the name of the package. Comments?

So what is your proposal, instead of setting PKG_SUFX?

 - Hubert

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