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Re: KDE4 package names

On Wednesday 13 January 2010 00:12:39 Thomas Klausner wrote:
> I see the following options
> 1. just update the packages, i.e. remove the KDE3 versions
> 2. make KDE4 default and reimport KDE3 packages in new directories
> 3. leave KDE3 as default and import KDE4 packages under new directories
> For options 2 and 3, there's the issue of the directory names. I see
> two major possibilities:
> a) foo-kde4 or foo-kde3, respectively.
> b) foo2 or similar, if there was a major bump of the version for the
>    KDE4 version; not all programs did so, though
> I think I prefer option 2; I'm nearly indifferent about a and b.

Yes I've been leaning towards 2a also, though 2b is fine when there is a 
clear version change.


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