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KDE4 package names


Since we have KDE4 in pkgsrc (thanks Mark!) a few people have started
packaging up KDE4 versions of existing KDE3 packages, most of which
currently live in pkgsrc-wip.

To pick one example, there is a wip/amarok package containing the KDE4
version of audio/amarok.

I think many of these packages are at least as usable as the rest of
KDE4 and should be imported into pkgsrc itself.

The main point keeping me from doing that yet is the decision about
the naming of the directories and packages.

KDE3 and KDE4 conflict, so the PKGNAMEs of the packages can stay the
same (e.g., amarok-1.4.10 for the KDE3 version and amarok-2.2.1 for
the KDE4 one, as it currently happens to be).

I see the following options
1. just update the packages, i.e. remove the KDE3 versions
2. make KDE4 default and reimport KDE3 packages in new directories
3. leave KDE3 as default and import KDE4 packages under new directories

For options 2 and 3, there's the issue of the directory names. I see
two major possibilities:
a) foo-kde4 or foo-kde3, respectively.
b) foo2 or similar, if there was a major bump of the version for the
   KDE4 version; not all programs did so, though

I think I prefer option 2; I'm nearly indifferent about a and b.

Did I miss an option?

What do you think?

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