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Re: pkgsrc on Haiku?

I'm succeed to bootstrap pkgsrc on Haiku OS now :)

 * need gcc4, or failed in system header files with "-Werror -Wshadow",
   so I've switched to gcc4 with "/bin/setgcc gcc4".
 * let to know about Haiku to bootstrap and bmake.
 * create mk/platform/, mk/tools/,
   based on Linux's one.
 * update config.{guess,sub} in packages built in bootstrap,
   from mk/gnu-config/.
 * bmake require ar.h in arch.c, but not in Haiku OS,
   so just copy from NetBSD's one and put it in bmake/files as nbar.h,
   patched to include it if !HAVE_AR_H.
 * let to know in libnbcompat and pkg_install that
   socket functions are in -lnetwork, then autoconf.
 * apply one patch to libarchive taken from upstream r1553.
 * currently, Haiku OS does not support hard link,
   so replace "${LN} -f" in mk/wrapper/ with "${LN} -sf".
"Of course I love NetBSD":-)
OBATA Akio /

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