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Re: Automounting removable devices within kde4

2009/12/28 Bernd Ernesti <>
On Sun, Dec 27, 2009 at 04:43:02PM +0000, David Brownlee wrote:
> [... enabling automount of filesystems for logged in users...]
> Should something like that be enabled by default?

No, at least not for the fixed disks.

My main interest is in inserting a removable disk and having a user logged into the X session able to automount them. For fixed disks I would be tempted to leave a commented out stanza in the conf file to make it easier for someone to enable.

It is a nice feature, but how do you stop users from mounting devices
which they are not supposed to mount?

Existing fixed disk partitions? Thats an administrative decision, but I'm very happy leaving that off by default.
Especially now that the mount point is automatically changed to that user.
Why is that needed at all?

The mount point is created dynamically as /media/${foo} and is mode 700, so only the mounting user can read the files. The filesystem is automatically mounted noexec, nosuid, nodev, so it appears there has been at least some thought on sane settings :)

I believe that theoretically only the 'active' user on the console should be able to mount anything, but I'm not sure that restriction is working.

noexec, nosuid,

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