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Re: cpp in OS X, information needed

  Also, the question is: what versions of OS X do we care about?  Are we
  really interested in supporting the ancient toolchain that may be in,
  e.g. OS X 10.2?

A good question, and I think it's a different answer from how we feel
about hardware.  For hardware, we've now given up in 80386, but not
80486, and we still try to support sun3 and vax.

For old operating systems, I feel differently, and the question is how
many people are running old versions and whether they ought to upgrade.
I'm new to macs, but am about to get an old G4, which was high end in
2001ish (1.5G ram, 2x500MHz cpu) that I would say is not too crufty to
care about.

I think it's reasonable to expect people on macs to upgrade from old OS
(even if it means paying) to a reasonably modern OS if that's doable on
their hardware.

For macs, I think the OS situation is:

10.2: ancient, irrelevant
10.3: very old, probably no reason to be running it
10.4: old, but works on ppc macs
10.5: normal
10.6: somewhere between bleeding edge and new

So I would drop support for 10.3 and lower if it hurts at all.

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