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Re: HEADS UP: libtool update

On Tue, 15 Dec 2009, Joerg Sonnenberger wrote:
> those of you that follow pkgsrc-changes should have seen it already.
> I have committed a major update of libtool and I am looking for problems
> on different platforms. Most of the fallout of interface changes should
> be fixed already, but please report any issue you run into.

Found a possible problem with one of the files that gets installed.

I built libtool-base and run 'make PKGSRC_RUN_TEST=yes' with the following 
results [truncated to only the important line]:
    Subject: [libtool 2.2.6b] testsuite: 4 21 22 74 failed

Tests 21, 22 and 74 all fail of the mk/compiler/ uses fake-f2c-libs
rather than including devel/libf2c/ (those test need to
compile and link f77 code), so those test can be expected to fail.

The problem is test 4 "libtoolize config files serial update", which tries
to update some libtool file.  The stderr output (unexpectedly) includes this:

libtoolize: warning: no serial number in 
`[....]/libtool-2.2.6b/libltdl/config/install-sh', not copying.

The problem is the configure stage 'install-sh-override' private target
which replaces the included script with the one from sysutils/install-sh.

This is the file that gets install as 'share/libtool/config/install-sh'
which is where the possiable problem is.  Is the install-sh file meant to 
be the one included with libtool or the one from sysutils/install-sh?

If its the one include with libtool, just a the following to the
libtool-base Makefile to fix the problem:

OVERRIDE_DIRDEPTH.install-sh=   1 

Apart for the above a complete build/install (with PKG_DEVELOPER=yes) for
libtool and libltdl worked fine on Linux.

How should I know if it works?  That's what beta testers are for.  I
only coded it.
        -- Attributed to Linus Torvalds, somewhere in a posting

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